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The returns of our investments are fixed. Depending on your investment amount, you can earn back up to 35% of your invested money. We have a real United States company behind our back. We are governed by United States laws and will be here the next year, the next decade. You can be sure you will receive the promised returns if you invest with us!

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Our Advantages

Fixed Returns

Depending on your investment amount, you will receive up to 35% returns.

Real Company

TwilightFunds is operated by: TwilightFunds (U.S. Companies House: 09926681).

Earn With Friends

Invite your friends and earn a part of their investments! Earn together with TwilightFunds!

Instant Transactions

Tired waiting for bank transfers to complete? Instant mobile transfer and Atm Transfer!

Military Grade Security

We are using SSL encryption to keep all personal data safe! It's safe to register with TwilightFunds.

Multiple Payment Methods

Invest in the most comfortable way. You can choose from several payment methods for deposit & withdrawals!

DDoS Protected Network

All of our dedicated servers are DDoS Protected by CloudFlare. Our servers are hacker-proof!

and more...

We have an in-house development team, who are working on the developments of the site and are ready to jump if any problem or bug arises.
Our support team is friendly and are available through ticketing system or e-mail if you have any questions using our website.